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Lisa B.

I am the office coordinator at South Lake Pediatric Dentistry. I have been working in dentistry for 17 years. I have always been interested in healthcare however; I found my passion to be in pediatrics. I love waking up in the morning and going to a job that I enjoy. It is very rewarding to see the progress in the patients that we see. I specifically enjoy pediatric dentistry because I love working with children and interacting with them on a daily basis.

I was born in snowy Tyler, Minnesota. I moved to Charlotte in 1999 and I love it here. Before moving to Charlotte I lived in Salt Lake City, Boise, Daveport, Nashville, Knoxville, and Raleigh. I love the warm weather in Charlotte, spending time at the lake or hiking the mountains. Outside of work I stay busy spending time with my children, my grandchildren, and dog “babies.”

Cristal C.

I was born in Norwich, Connecticut. My family and I moved to Florida and lived there for 24 years. I moved to the Charlotte area about eight years ago. I have always loved the dental field so I decided to pursue it in 2006 and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I have always enjoyed working with children so when the opportunity came to work at South Lake Pediatric Dentistry, I was very pleased. I enjoy how children express themselves, their honesty, and being able to share the Tooth Fairy with them. 

My other passion is cooking and creating my own recipes. I also enjoy gardening and decorating. A random fact about me is that over my lifetime I have owned, found, or fostered more 40 cats.

Catie B.

I’m usually the first face you’ll see here at South Lake Pediatric Dentistry. Along with check-in, I also keep our patients’ insurance information up to date prior to appointments. 

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. My family moved to the Huntersville area when I was 12 and since then I’ve just moved further north. I currently reside in Mooresville with my boyfriend of five years and our four-legged child, Dennis. We love to spend our time off at home or spending it outdoors. We even have an annual camping trip that we make a priority. If we aren’t at home or outdoors you can usually find us at the gym.  Don’t get me wrong I would eat pizza and French fries every day if I could, but I truly believe a healthy life is a happy life. 

Trying to promote healthy lifestyles is one of the reasons I applied to work in a pediatric dental office. Pediatrics is the other reason I applied. Everyone knows that children are the future to our society and providing them with as much information as we can for their own success is very important to me.  Being that I’ve also had my fair share of dental work, I can also use my experience to ease the anxiety of the little ones around me on an everyday basis. It’s a wonderful feeling watching happy little faces leave the office knowing we contributed to that happiness.


I was born in Ecuador, South America; my family and I moved to New York City in 1980. I started working in dentistry when I was 15 years old and continued to work in the dental field while attending college. Dental assisting has given me the opportunities to work in many different dental specialties, as well as having my own dental lab while living in California. I love working with children because it is so rewarding to see them smile!

My husband and I have had the pleasure of living in many different states. I am so glad that I can call Southlake Pediatric Dentistry my home.


I’ve been a dental assistant here at SLPD for more than two years. I’m one of the few Charlotteans in the area. I have a beautiful four-year-old little girl who makes life fun. I spend my weekends on the lake, hanging out with friends, or taking weekend trips to Charleston or Topsail Island.


I’m known as the front desk check-out/insurance coordinator for South Lake Pediatric Dentistry. My mornings are not the same without some iced coffee.

I was born and raised in the sunshine state Miami, FL and moved to Charlotte, NC in 2008. You’re probably thinking why would I do that?? Haha—I know; it took me quite some time to get use to actually having a winter and adjusting my drive time to the beach from 15 minutes to three hours, but I have two girls myself and want nothing but the best for them.

We work as a team here at South Lake Pediatric Dentistry to turn all our little patients’ fear of visiting the dentist into a fun experience where they are begging parents to return. Being in the dental field I am able to share my knowledge with families and friends all over of the importance of starting dental hygiene at young age.


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