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Meet Dr. Frank Kendrick

I was born in Wildcat country, also known as central Kentucky in the city of Lexington. I moved to Charlotte in 2000, after surviving the 1999 Y2K fears. I didn’t enjoy my electrical engineering major and decided to follow my dreams into some area of medicine/ healthcare and dentistry was the best fit for me.

Peter Pan was right when he said, “there is always a child in us waiting for opportunities to get out.” Regardless of age, size, education, or any other status; Fun awaits, discoveries entice, self-expression flows, and we want to be loved.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling to “lah lah land” searching and finding things to make me smile and laugh. I also like to invent words that ought to exist; like chocolicious is chocolate that is also delicious.

I strongly believe that everyone has at least one superhero power. God blesses us all with a special gift of ability or talent. It may be unseen by others and sometimes even hidden from us. Find the quality and power of the superhero in you!!


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